How 2

This eco-friendly shave gel makes "dry" shaving a pleasurable experience and provides an irritation-free shave without the need for water.
The secret? It creates an invisible lubricating barrier through a unique blend of Aloe Vera, Carbomer (the main ingredient found in sonogram gel), and other nourishing oils.

Save 20 gallons of water per 10 minute shower and get a more comfortable, convenient shave. All while making a positive impact on water conservation efforts.

Experiment with the next generation of shaving.

Your skin and Mother Earth will thank you.


  1. APPLY Just apply generously on to dry area to be shaved. DO NOT APPLY IN THE SHOWER. It's not a soap, isn't rinsed and is not a chemical remover - it is a clear lotion you shave with. Never apply to wet skin- the barrier won't form.
  2. DRY Let it dry! The gel dries quickly and allows you to see where you shave. If you feel too much drag, apply a bit more gel, but a thick coating isn't the goal, it can clog the razor.
  3. SHAVE AS USUAL The gel is safe for your entire body and works with ANY razor (even electric). If going electric, be sure to let dry completely before shaving. Did we mention you can even shave "down there"?
  4. CLEAN THE RAZOR Remove debris by wiping razor on a dry cloth or rinse it (not your legs) in a small cup of water. A small amount of water will re-lubricate the surface layer adding "cushion" to the shave for high friction areas like knees and ankles... but be careful, too much water kills the magic.
  5. GO! Yup! That's it! It really is that easy! So gentle it doubles as a post shave treatment, every day lotion and even works as a sun burn soother. The TSA approved size also makes it the perfect travel buddy.